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Self-Monitoring Behavior


Some people are sensitive to how other see them, whilst others are not.

People who are high self-monitors constantly watch other people, what they do and how they respond to the behavior of others. Such people are hence very self-conscious and like to 'look good' and will hence usually adapt well to differing social situations.

On the other hand, low self-monitors are generally oblivious to how other see them and hence march to their own different drum.


Have you ever been to a club and seen some people dancing with wild abandon whilst other shuffle nonchalantly? The wild dancers are low self-monitors, whilst the shufflers are probably high self-monitors.

Using it

Appeal to high self-monitors by telling them that they will look good and get social approval for what you want them to do.

In advertising, high self-monitors respond more to image-based ads that promise to make them look good, whilst low self-monitors respond better to product-based ads and prefer high quality goods.


Are you a high or low self-monitor? Do you conform to the above response to appeals? Think about what other people are trying to get you to do before reacting.

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